Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Lemon Ice King of Corona

The name is iconic, like “Soup Nazi” but less threatening. And of course, a place called "Corona" is a fitting spot for a king to set up shop. Although Adeet and I live in Jackson Heights, a neighborhood known for its food, we took the 7 train a few extra stops to Corona Plaza to try the fabled ices.

Dessert and chocolate are usually synonymous in my culinary thesaurus, but I decided my first ice from the King should be lemon. Starting with any other flavor might be akin to visiting Champagne and drinking only Bordeaux. Still, I couldn’t help noticing that among the 36 flavors on the menu board, there were several chocolate options.

I ordered a small lemon ice. It tasted like a near-perfect glass of lemonade, a good balance of sugar and citrus and completely refreshing. Adeet had a medium watermelon, which won points for its color, but we both found it a little too sweet. Now I could move on to chocolate. I went back to the counter and ordered a small mint chocolate chip, which tasted like a frozen Andes mint.

As in any kingdom, there are rules: No flavor mixing. Although I wouldn’t mind getting my chocolate ice in some peanut butter, I’m willing to play along. It wouldn’t be wise to risk banishment, even if I would like two different ices in one cup.

As we walked back to the train, we considered turning around and getting just one more. After all, we have 33 flavors left to try.

The Lemon Ice King of Corona
52-02 108th Street • Corona, NY

photos by Adeet Deshmukh


Educated Tatya said...

I want to loll in a mountain of the fruit-flavoured ices. Do they have kalakhatta?

tburman said...
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