Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pop(-Up) Art

If Andy Warhol were alive today, he might switch from silkscreen to Hello Kitty Pop-Up toaster. This pink-and-white machine consistently reproduces the iconic feline’s image. A stack of slightly singed masterpieces is done within minutes, or until the smoke detector puts an end to the creative process.

Cheap, white bread from the bodega, not artisanal pain from Dean & Deluca, yields the best results. Bagels will work in a bind, but the uniformly square slices of factory-made bread make for a better canvas.

The three friends who gave me a Hello Kitty toaster couldn’t have anticipated the extent to which their gift would keep on giving. I find myself compelled to make toast, whether or not it’s breakfast. And I can’t bring myself to eat it. Although it’s doubtful that it will ever fetch $28,000 on ebay, in the future, my toast just might be famous for 15 minutes.

Hello Kitty Pop-Up Toaster

Thank you, Adam, Erin, & Susanna!

photos by Adeet Deshmukh


Adam is aware of all internet traditions said...

Do they make Hello-Kitty shaped baked beans? or chipped beef?

Ah! It is so! said...

I was so worried we had a defective toaster on our hands! I've always been a little partial to burnt delicacies anyway :)