Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smart Girls

"Help Wanted" signs aren't especially common these days, so when Deshi Biryani posted one a few months ago, I took it as a positive economic indicator.

However, the restaurant didn't find the smart girl they were looking for, as evidenced by this sign a few weeks later:

Last month a new sign went up, this one searching for a "Nepalese girl." Then the management announced the restaurant is closing for repairs.

Could the smart girls have saved the place? Or are they too busy solving other problems? I hope they show up soon. Other restaurants in Jackson Heights serve biryani, but Deshi knew how to make it with the right mix of spice, vegetables, and protein. And what smart girl wouldn't like that?

Deshi Biryani
7518 37th Avenue Jackson Heights

photos by Kate and Adeet Deshmukh


Nicola said...

I love this progression of events! Did they ever open up again?

Kate said...

Nicola, sorry I didn't respond last year! Unfortunately, no smart girl showed up to save the day. It's now a halal Chinese restaurant.